The Modo


Strong, clean lines and striking angular beauty are the hallmarks of the Modo: our homage to the 20th century Modernist movement in design and architecture. Foregoing ornamentation in favor of cleanliness and clarity, the stunning minimalist look of the Modo is proof positive that sometimes less really is more.

The Modo is bereft of any crown or legs, instead embracing the dignified simplicity of its recessed paneling. Its profile is both sleek and angular, the absence of any flared accents working in concert with the framed and panelled exterior to leave a lasting impression of simple virtue. The interior is constructed solely from thick boards of kiln-dried Spanish cedar wood. Finely beveled edges on the interior of the door and cabinet ensure a secure seal, completing the Modo’s commitment to flawless functionality.

Like all our humidors, the Modo includes a built-in humidification system, offering precise temperature control. All wiring is thoughtfully concealed within the interior, ensuring the tasteful separation of the cabinet’s visual personality and advanced functionality. Five custom shelf styles are available to suit your preference.

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H 66” x W 27” x D 20”
H 62” x W 23” x D 17 ½”
Crown Molding:
H 4 ¼” x W 27 ½” x D 20 ¼”
H 5 ¼” x W 27” x D 20”
Total Height:
75 ½”
Overall Weight:
3000-4000 Cigars
*Please note, color may differ from actual item due to the monitor's display
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    The Modo

    Posted by Eddie Omanian on 2020 Sep 8th

    This is truly a beautifully crafted piece. Its intuitive design stores my cigars perfectly and effortlessly. It keeps everything perfectly maintained. The craftsmanship is seamless and elegant, we are very happy with this product.

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