In some respects a sibling piece to the 11:11, the 7:11 is a contemporary luxury icon with a pedigree spanning centuries. Conceived during a moment of profound inspiration, this distinguished humidor is a loving salute to elements both modern and classic and the pursuit of purity that drives traditional woodworking.

Flaring on both the crown and base provide a balanced profile and a sense of symmetry. By incorporating the recessed Shaker panel on its front and gables, the 7:11 diverges from the 11:11 in its embrace of Minimalism. Finishing options for the cabinet are strong and vivid, proudly displaying the lavish details of the framed and panelled exterior with absolute clarity. The sturdy interior is built from solid boards of kiln-dried Spanish cedar wood. The inside of the door and cabinet are finely beveled at the edges, creating both a secure seal and an ideal environment for the aging and flavoring of your valued cigars.

Like all our humidors, the 7:11 includes a built-in humidification system, offering precise temperature control. All wiring is thoughtfully concealed within the interior, ensuring the tasteful separation of the cabinet’s visual personality and advanced functionality. Five custom shelf styles are available to suit your preference.

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H 66” x W 27” x D 20”
H 62” x W 23” x D 17 ½”
Crown Molding:
H 4 ¼” x W 34 11/16” x D 24”
H 4 ¾” x W 28 ½” x D 20 ¾”
Total Height:
74 15/16”
Overall Weight:
3000-4000 Cigars
Gunstock Walnut 247
*Please note, color may differ from actual item due to the monitor's display
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