I have done reviews now for years on some of the most luxurious and expensive cigar products in the world.

A Cigar Advocate is top of the chart! After reviewing his product, I can say with no hesitation, that the finishing and craftsmanship is extraordinary! I look forward to seeing more of his products down the road and as a, La Casa del Habano (LCDH) owner, I can’t wait to have his product line in my store!

Dirk Alkemade, Co-Owner at La Casa del Habano, Maastricht

Well it’s years I’m travelling and meeting people from the cigar world. I can tell that what A Cigar Advocate builds is absolutely good looking and reliable. It’s just what you need to protect your favorite cigars and be able to enjoy them comfortably.

Guillaume Tesson, writer for Cigar Journal, author of Le Petit Larousse des Cigares.

A Cigar Advocate: these ashtrays are absolutely a ‘must have’ and 2nd to none! See for yourself and discover the amazing quality.

Joel Wilbur, Life of Luxe

I ordered a custom ashtray from A Cigar Advocate, and could not be more pleased with the finished product. The entire process was very personal yet professional, and Sam provided his undivided attention to detail to ensure my vision came to life. He even went above and beyond to ensure that the ashtray was delivered safely and on time for Christmas (as this was a gift). The quality of the materials used are superior to anything I have come across. It truly is art!

Gitana Agnello

I had the privilege to see the Humidors in person. I actually was able to see it being crafted in different stages which was an amazing experience to add to an already mind blowing piece of furniture. A Cigar Advocate walked me through all the details and customizations I could get for my unit. Really took the time to ensure that each element complimented one another perfectly. Even with delivery I was absolutely shocked at how well the unit was wrapped and packaged to ensure it would not even have the slightest blemish upon delivery.

Azade Michael

This is truly a beautifully crafted piece. Its intuitive design stores my cigars perfectly and effortlessly. It keeps everything perfectly maintained. The craftsmanship is seamless and elegant, we are very happy with this product.

Eddie Omanian

I recently had the pleasure of receiving and using the ACA cigar ashtray. The attention to detail is perfect, from the oversized cut out for your favorite cigar to the perfect layers of lacquer over the fine wood. The edges and joints are absolutely flawless, with crisp lines that marry flawlessly. The granite at the base of the ashtray is unique and really adds gravity to the whole package. No detail on this ashtray has been overlooked, from design to execution only the finest materials have been painstaking handcrafted. This ashtray is pure luxury and is purpose built to address the needs of the most serious cigar smoker.

Pierre Rogers, Founder & CEO of



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