Bultique: a single, curious word that speaks volumes in the language of daring design and outstanding craftsmanship. What the word truly means is a secret, but there’s no question about what it represents: the combination of unabashed splendor and utilitarian performance.

The Bultique is unafraid to be eye-catching, sporting proud crown moulding and a multi-level flared base. The raised paneling draws the eyes to the humidor’s gables, stark and beautiful in your choice of finish. The finely crafted interior is composed of high-quality boards of kiln-dried Spanish cedar wood to provide the optimal conditions for proper aging. The exterior is framed and panelled, while the inside of the door and cabinet is beveled along the edges to ensure a perfect seal.

Like all our humidors, the Bultique includes a built-in humidification system, offering precise temperature control. All wiring is thoughtfully concealed within the interior, ensuring the tasteful separation of the cabinet’s visual personality and advanced functionality. Five custom shelf styles are available to suit your preference.

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H 66” x W 27” x D 20”
H 62” x W 23” x D 17 ½”
Crown Molding:
H 3 9/16” x W 33 3/8” x D 23 3/16”
H 4 ¾” x W 28 ½” x D 20 ¾”
Total Height:
74 ¼”
Overall Weight:
3000-4000 Cigars
Black W240
*Please note, color may differ from actual item due to the monitor's display
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