Those illustrious individuals daring enough to set off for adventure into the unknown have claimed countless titles throughout the ages, appearing in both popular culture and history textbooks as the aimless wanderer, the seafaring voyager, or the fearless explorer. We honour this storied legacy of finding one’s destiny abroad with a traveller of our own: the Viajero, designed to be the perfect companion for the adventurous cigar aficionado seeking to roam with their passion in tow.  Painstakingly realized with old-world crafting traditions, this timeless and stately statement piece elevates a practical accessory into a new realm of luxury without borders, unequivocally communicating conviction and confidence without ever saying a word.
The Viajero is meticulously handcrafted using the centuries-old tools and techniques of vintage leatherworking. We use only the most luxurious of natural materials, opting for sumptuous linen thread, beeswax, and full-grain vegetable-tanned calf leather to realize a case that lives up to the gravitas of its name. We specifically choose vegetable-tanned leather because of its tendency to develop a rich patina over time, ensuring each Viajero develops its own bespoke character over the decades of its service.
Our signature “Bull and Flame” logo is centrally embedded on each piece, drawing the eye with a proud polished brass finish. The arresting logo is subtly recessed within the leather exterior to sit flush with the surface of the case, boldly contrasting the clean lines and minimalist notes that define the Viajero.
The Viajero has capacity for up to three 138mm cigars with a maximum ring gauge of 52. It opens easily and closes securely, dividing and reunifying the logo as it does so, ensuring its functionality is every bit as impressive as its appearance.

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L 6 1/4" x W 3 1/2" x D 1 1/4"
Logo Detail:
L 1 7/8" x W 2"
3 Cigars
*Please note, color may differ from actual item due to the monitor's display
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