Old Soul


Some of us are old before our time, cursed to stand apart from our fellows but blessed with deep wisdom and a sense of appreciation. These individuals possess an unbreakable sense of self, often emerging as leaders, advisers, and visionaries. We honor the old souls among us with our Old Soul, a paragon of the timeless character that the sagacious and spiritual find so resonant.

Old Soul features a unique interior profile, its classically convex curvature speaking to the simplicity favored in days gone by. The elegance of the piece is accentuated by a handful of artistic flourishes, including a marble inlay and a natural wood exterior that exudes vintage charm. A genuine leather insert in the base proudly displays our debossed signature. The quadrate profile of the exterior is stark in its symmetrical beauty, an expression of the philosophy that guides all our designs.

Our ashtrays are wholly constructed from premium materials and engineered to look sophisticated in whichever finish you favor. The carved notches can accommodate up to four cigars of varying ring gauges, encouraging you to smoke in good company.

Ashtray Profile:
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H 2" x W 10" x L 10"
Overall Weight:
Approx. 11lbs
Stained with clear finish
*Please note, color may differ from actual item due to the monitor's display
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